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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is my probationary/trial period if I am a new APSA employee?  If I am reclassified from another bargaining union?
Please refer to our Contract and Bylaws link and refer to the APSA Contract under Article 13 Paragraph 166. If you are reclassified please refer to Article 13 Paragraph 173.
2. How is my annual raise percentage determined?
Our annual raise percentage is in accordance with our MOU between the University and the Coalition of Labor Organizations at MSU. This information can be found in the Contract and Bylaws link and Other Union Contracts. It is listed on page six under the Base Wage Factor Table.   For more information, please refer to our APSA contract under Article 18 for Compensation Programs.
3. How does FMLA work?
Please refer to the Resources link and click on the FMLA section.
4. What are the Grievance Steps?
Please refer to the Contract and Bylaws link, the information can be found in the APSA contract Article 7.
5. When can I have representation present at a meeting with my supervisor?
It is recommended that you have union representation present anytime that a conversation between a member and their supervisor could lead to future disciplinary action. We are always available to answer any questions or provide information.  Please refer to the I Need Representation link for contact information.
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