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The APSA Election will be held from April 24, 2024, to April 30, 2024.   

This year we will have 2 Executive Board Officer positions, Treasurer and Recording Secretary, along with 4 Board of Directors positions.


Please review the position descriptions below:


Term of office: Aug. 1, 2024 – July 31, 2028 - 4 years
uneration: $350/month 


  • Be responsible for the collection and disbursement of all Association monies pursuant to the direction of the Executive Board. 

  • Deposit all monies in financial institutions or investments to insure reasonable security while maintaining moderate growth and liquidity as directed by the board 

  • Review for appropriateness all transactions including but not limited to direct deposits, ACH, payment card, checks, teller, ATM, and transfers.   

  • Maintain authorized signatures for all accounts as per bylaws. 

  • Keep accurate, complete and correct records of all financial transactions of the association and make such records available to any member upon reasonable demand and at reasonable times and places. 

  • Produce and provide a financial report at monthly Executive Board meetings indicating expense and revenues of the association. 

  • Produce and provide semi-annual financial reports to the association membership. 

  • Act as Chair of the Association's Business Committee, creating agendas and holding a minimum of four quarterly meetings annually. 

  • Produce or direct the Business Committee in the production of all standard operating procedures or policies relevant to the business operations of the association.  

  • Schedule the external annual audit of the association's finances and work with the auditors in cooperation with the Business Committee. 

  • Oversee and ensure the filing of the federal income tax return of the association through a board approved accounting firm. 

  • Oversee and ensure the filing of the associations 1096 and the distribution of 1099s to board members who received stipends and all contractors the association made payment to. 

  • Perform duties common to all Executive Board members as listed in Section 5.4 of bylaws.

  • At the end of term deliver all records, monies, and other property of the Association to the successor or president.


Name:  Ken Deneau

Department:  Student Life and Engagement

Position at MSU:  Controller - Administrative Associate II/S

Years Employed at MSU:  37

Years as an APSA Member:  37

Past Involvement/Current Interest:  I am in my second tenure as treasurer.  Initially I served for ten years in in the 1990s.  I am now completing my 12th year of my second time holding the position.  A few of my accomplishments during this term of office are:   I would like to continue my work in making sure the Membership's Dues are funding work that provides them representation for their concerns and negotiations and action toward ensuring their total compensation from MSU continues to grow both in increased salary and increased benefits.

Other Interest/Involvement at MSU:  I received both my BA and my MBA from MSU.  I am involved in numerous committees and projects in my role with the Division of Student Live and Engagement.  I lead the team that performs the accounting and has oversight of the financial transactions and budgets for the Culinary Services and Auxiliary Sports Group operating groups.  


Recording Secretary

Term of office: Aug. 1, 2024 – July 31, 2027 - 3 years

Remuneration: $250/month 



  • Keep a record of all regular and special meetings of the Association, all Executive Board meetings, and all other meetings of Association committees as directed by the Executive Board. 

  • Provide electronic copies of the previous month's Executive Board meeting minutes prior to the next Executive Board meeting and written copies at the next Executive Board meeting for approval by the Board. 

  • Keep all past minutes and records of such meetings, updating as necessary and pass the cumulative material on to succeeding Recording Secretaries. 

  • With approval of the Executive Board, prepare, provide and disburse compiled and recorded material as directed. 

  • Prepare the agenda for all meetings. 

  • Act as the Historian of the Association by keeping minutes, newsletters and any other relevant documentation of the Association. 

  • Perform duties common to all Executive Board members as listed in Section 5.4. 

  • Perform all other duties which are normal to the Office of Recording Secretary.



Name:  Kathleen Deneau      

Department:  University Advancement – Annual Giving Programs

Position at MSU:  Senior Director of Annual Giving 

Years Employed at MSU:  24

Years as an APSA Member:  21

Past Involvement/Current Interest:  As Recording Secretary for APSA members and the executive board, I feel privileged to represent and serve my fellow Michigan State University supervisors. I have gained an appreciation for the importance of members concerns by being a board member.  Additionally, I now have a greater understanding of the rights of our members pursuant to our collective bargaining agreement. I have felt honored to be able to work with my fellow board members who are dedicated, professional and passionate about representing our association members.   

The position of recording secretary is an important position that provides a real working history of our association’s meetings.  I take my position seriously and am committed to continuing my record of attending all meetings, accurately recording board minutes, conscientiously voting on association business, and representing our membership in a professional manner. In addition to my role as recording secretary I also serve as the chair for our bylaws committee.  I genuinely appreciate and value your support of my candidacy. 

Other Interest/Involvement at MSU:  As an employee, two-time graduate of MSU (bachelor’s in communications and master’s in education,) and parent to an MSU graduate I am extremely dedicated to the success of MSU, and I am committed to APSA’s role in helping to achieve that success. In addition to serving on the APSA executive board as the Recording Secretary, I regularly volunteer at various functions throughout our community and MSU. 



Name:  Cara Jackson

Department:  SLE REHS Facilities

Position at MSU:  Facilities Supervisor

Years Employed at MSU:  5

Years as an APSA Member:  1.5

Past Involvement/Current Interest:  Talking with other we thought having more people from Facilites would be good. Also, my past experience as a Student Clerical Aide I know how to do a lot of the stuff and have always liked doing that.

Other Interest/Involvement at MSU:  I'm on committees for Women in Facilities, SOP's, help coordinate and participate in the events of 4H and Grand Parents University


(4) Directors

Term of office: Aug. 1, 2024 – July 31, 2026 - 2 years

Remuneration: $60/month 



  • Represent the Association as an elected member of the Executive Board.

  • Perform duties authorized by the President and/or the Executive Board.

  • Attend all monthly Board meetings, retreats, and special meetings, unless excused by the President. Begin attending Board meetings as soon as elected to the position with voting privileges to begin when term of office begins.

  • Serve as members of Association committees and/or University committees, as appointed by the Association President or Executive Board.

  • If the President is unable to make appointments as set forth in these Bylaws, the majority of the Executive Board present and voting will designate an Acting President until the President is able to resume their duties.

  • Act as Recording Secretary, as appointed by the President, if said Secretary is unable to attend a monthly Executive Board meeting.

  • Be available to all Association bargaining unit employees for consultation and be knowledgeable to direct said bargaining unit employee to the appropriate Association Officer, if further consultation is needed.

  • Vote on issues brought before the Executive Board.

  • Approve all appointments of committee members.

  • At the expiration of their term shall deliver to their successor all books, monies,and other property of the Association.5.5



Name:  James Terrill

Department:  DPPS

Position at MSU:  Police Sergeant

Years Employed at MSU:  12

Years as an APSA Member:  5

Past Involvement/Current Interest:  Hello MSU APSA Members!  My name is James Terrill and I am employed by MSU DPPS. I am running for a second term as a Board of Director.  I am proud of the work that APSA does for it’s members.  In my previous term I served on the Bargaining Committee where APSA brought great benefits to the association via the new contract.  I view it as my duty to make sure that all APSA members are treated fairly, and that due process is always preserved.  I look forward to the possibility of serving you for a second term! Go Green!

Other Interest/Involvement at MSU:  Third generation Spartan with a Master of Science in Law Enforcement Intelligence and Analysis!  Professionally I am a Law Enforcement and Public Safety leader with over a decade of experience and a passion for suppressing gun violence in our communities.



Name:  Melissa Del Rio

Department:  Graduate School

Position at MSU:  Chief of Staff

Years Employed at MSU:  30 years

Years as an APSA Member:  20 plus years

Past Involvement/Current Interest:  I have been an APSA Director for the past 6 years. I have been an active participant in APSA contract negotiations. I would like to continue to assist the APSA organization by sharing my knowledge and experience that I have gained from Masters in Human Resources Degree as well as from being a long-time supervisor on campus.

Other Interest/Involvement at MSU:  I am currently a co-director for the Women of Color Community, functional lead for both Grad portion of SIS Modernization Project and Grad portion of Slate Admission CRM project. I am an active committee member on the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Planning Committee, César E. Chávez and Dolores Huerta Commemorative Celebration, and the 2024 Juneteenth Planning Committee.



Name:  Sarah Jackson

Department:  College of Arts & Letters

Position at MSU:  Unit HR Administrator I/S

Years Employed at MSU:  6

Years as an APSA Member:  3

Past Involvement/Current Interest:  I am interested because I firmly believe that a strong union is what helps us continue to have and grow our great benefits package, as well as to be a support to each other as supervisors across campus. Becoming a supervisor was exciting and a little intimidating; however, knowing that I had the APSA at my back to help with any issues I hadn't handled before and might potentially face was comforting. I am not on an island on my own and no one in the APSA is. I'd love to learn more about the inner workings of the union and be able to help my fellow members.

Other Interest/Involvement at MSU:  MSU Employee Pride and Inclusion Coalition (EPIC)



Name:  Heather Hazzard

Department:  IQ/BME

Position at MSU:  Administrative Associate I

Years Employed at MSU:  almost 9 years

Years as an APSA Member:  almost 9

Past Involvement/Current Interest:  I've been on the board since 2018 and have really enjoyed it. I feel that my time spent on the board has given me a broader understanding of the operations of the University and challenges our members face. It's made me a better supervisor because of it. There are so many substantial changes happening at MSU, currently, I would be honored if you would allow me to continue in this role. I think this is an important time to have an experienced union board to help navigate a new health care contract, set a new tone for support staff on campus with the new President, and continue to fight for our members best interests. In my MSU position as the Chief of Staff for the Institute of Quantitative Health Science & Engineering (IQ) and the Department of Biomedical Engineering, both new units since 2016, have given me an even better vantage point to continue to serve on the APSA board. I was a member of the CHM strategic planning committee and an active member of its' Staff and Faculty success workgroup. I continue to be a mentor for colleagues in similar roles on campus and my team has nominated me for the supervisor award. I'm just as passionate about training new supervisors as I am about being the best one I can, myself.

Other Interest/Involvement at MSU:  I am active in my professional society, Society for Research Administrators, and I'm currently up for President-elect for the Midwest section this election cycle. Previously, I held the role of President for our Michigan chapter. I am also a member of the MSU committee called PLANT "Postdoc Liaison Advisory and Nurturing Team" and the MSU Analysis and Reporting workgroup, which launched the PowerBi financial tool that includes the fiscal officer and reports -- well received on campus because of their ease of use and functionality for the monthly account review process.



Name:  Adeline Wharton

Department:  University Advancement

Position at MSU:  Learning Designer & Instructor

Years Employed at MSU:  9.5

Years as an APSA Member:  3

Past Involvement/Current Interest:  I have strong attention to detail and am family-oriented; my family and I spend time on campus attending events or camps. I am a retired military child and wife, contributing to my drive to support my family, friends, and colleagues while providing a versatile multi-view perspective on life. I spend most of my time with my children and husband, enjoying sporting and school events.

Other Interest/Involvement at MSU:  In my current role, I help staff with various work tasks, but on campus, I spend my time volunteering for events. My family and I enjoy coming to campus for the amazing atmosphere, spartan love, and fun events.


Name:  Nicolas Ryan

Department:  REHS Facilities

Position at MSU:  Facility Manager I

Years Employed at MSU:  1.75

Years as an APSA Member:  1.75

Past Involvement/Current Interest:  While I'm newer as a full-time employee to MSU, I do have 12years of experience in higher education, having worked at four different institutions.  I'm interested in sharing the positive benefits from those various institutions to fellow members of our union and hopefully enhance job satisfaction.

Other Interest/Involvement at MSU:  I have received both my Bachelors and Masters degree from MSU.  My wife and I met while in college, so we both have a deep connection to MSU.  I'm an avid Spartan Sports fan and enjoy frequenting Akers golf course.


Name:  Kelly Kussmaul

Department:  Marketing and Communications, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Position at MSU:  Director of Marketing and Communications

Years Employed at MSU:  4 (I was at MSU Law from 2009 - 2020, which fully integrated into MSU in 2020, so I've been on campus for 15 years)

Years as an APSA Member:  4

Past Involvement/Current Interest:  As a member of a union family in the skilled trades, I have always benefited from the power of organized labor, and I am inspired to see fellow workers in many industries start moving toward unionization. My membership in the APSA is a source of pride for me, and even in my hardest days as an MSU employee, I have drawn strength from the knowledge that I was not alone. I would be honored to support my fellow APSA members in the same ways that I have been supported by Joe and union members.

Other Interest/Involvement at MSU:  I've led teams ranging in size from 3 to 9 communicators (AP members), and I am deeply committed to being a good supervisor and colleague. I'm a member of the CANR Staff Advisory Council, active in the UComm's Strategic Partners group and the University Communicators Network (UCN), and a regular runner on MSU's beautiful community paths.


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