Our next APSA Election will be held at our Semi-Annual meeting tentatively on June 03, 2020, 11:30am-1:00pm at the MSU Federal Credit Union (Community Room) located at 4825 Mt Hope Rd, East Lansing, MI 48823. 


This year we will have 2 Executive Board Officer Position, Treasurer and Membership Secretary, along with 4 Board of Directors positions.

SUBMIT YOUR NOMINATION at https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=0jAyCfSJWUycBpwSE_61GEICxVjR_FdMheGjsdAEYstUMDlCS0FHUk9WRkU0NkdRU1hKSkRTUlA4My4u


Please preview the position descriptions below:


Term of office: Aug. 1, 2020 – July 31, 2024 - 4 years
Remuneration: $350/month 



  • Be responsible for the collection and disbursement of all Association monies pursuant to the direction of the Executive Board.

  •  Provide a current written financial report at monthly Executive Board meetings and provide semi-annual written reports to the Association membership.

  • Open and maintain accounts as directed by the Executive Board.

  •  Keep accurate, complete and correct records of all financial transactions of the Association and make such records available to any member upon reasonable demand and at reasonable times and places.

  • Act as Chair of the Association's Business Committee.

  • Schedule the external annual audit of the Association's finances and work with the auditors in cooperation with the Business Committee.

  • Perform duties common to all Executive Board members as listed in Section 5.4.

  • Perform all other duties as are normal to the office of Treasurer.

  • At the expiration of their term shall deliver to their successor all books, monies, and other property of the Association.


Name:  Ken Deneau

Department:  Vice President of Auxiliary Enterprises - Business and Financial Services

Position:  Controller

Years at MSU/APSA:  32/32

Past Involvement/Current Interest:
I am in my second tenure as treasurer. Initially I served for ten years in in the 1990s. I am now completing my 8th year of my second time holding the position. A few of my accomplishments during this term of office are:

• Reported monthly to the board and membership on the APSA financial position

• Increased transparency with posting of monthly financials on APSA web page

• Chaired monthly business operations committee meetings

• Created Standard Operating Procedures for the business processes of APSA

• Engaged with our auditing firm and ensured that the recommendations were implemented

• Implemented a cashback business visa card and ACH payments for nearly all expenditures

• Consolidated funds allowing for the Investment into Jumbo rate CDs I am seeking reelection for these reasons:

• To engage with my fellow board members to build an organization that has a solid financial and procedural foundation that will serve our membership well into the future.

• To further increase the transparency of board actions to the membership.

• To monitor and control expenditures to those that hold value to our members, thereby reducing the need to increase member dues.

Other Interests/Involvement at MSU:

I received my MBA and BA from MSU. I am involved in numerous committees and projects in my role with the Division of Residential and Hospitality Services. I lead the team that performs the accounting and has oversight of the financial transactions and budgets for the Culinary Services and Spartan Hospitality operating groups.


Name:  Michael Allensworth

Department:  Residence Education and Housing Services

Position:  Assistant Director for Residence Education

Years at MSU/APSA:  4/.5

Past Involvement/Current Interest:
This would be my first involvement with APSA. I was a member of the APA union until October 2019, when I took on a new role that is now APSA.

Other Interests/Involvement at MSU:

I am looking to get more involved in APSA and believe my skill set could be used serving in the role of Treasurer. I currently serve as Treasurer for a nonprofit higher education association, NASPA, where I manage an investment portfolio and operating budget of approximately $350,000. Additionally, as MSU, I am involved with my division's, RVSM Workplace Committee, Policies Committee, and have served as an adviser to various student organizations. I have worked at MSU ever since completing my graduate degree in 2016 and would be delighted to get more involved with, and serve, the APSA membership, through the role of Treasurer.


Membership Secretary

Term of office: Aug. 1, 2020 – July 31, 2023 - 3 years

Remuneration: $250/month 



  • Maintain a current membership list of the Association.

  • Maintain a list of non-members who pay the service fee of agencyshop.  

  • Maintain a list of bargaining unit employees who do not pay dues.

  • Coordinate the compiling of lists and filing of documents as applies to the membership and as directed by the President or the Executive Board.

  • Coordinate any non-University membership benefits.

  • Provide a current monthly membership report at Executive Board meetings, and at the semi-annual membership meetings.

  • Plan and coordinate orientation for the Association's new members.

  • Perform duties common to all Executive Board members as listed in Section 5.4.

  • Perform all other duties which are normal to the Office of the Membership Secretary


Name:  Karla Bauer

Department:  CHM/Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences

Position:  Center Administrator

Years at MSU/APSA:  15/14

Past Involvement/Current Interest:

I have served as the membership secretary for six years. Prior to that I served as a Director on the Board. I am proud to serve on the Board of such a great association. An association that with stand next to you and fights for valuable benefits and services.

Other Interests/Involvement at MSU:

The connections I have made with other supervisors on campus are, shall we say, priceless. Being part of the Board and APSA has made many of those connections possible. For some of you, our interactions have been via email. It is always great to put a face to a name when I meet a fellow supervisor at a training or meeting. I have served and continue to serve on committees that benefit and impact support staff. Supervisors are great resources, we just have to reach out and share information.


(4) Directors

Term of office: Aug. 1, 2020 – July 31, 2022 - 2 years

Remuneration: $60/month 



  • Represent the Association as an elected member of the Executive Board.

  • Perform duties authorized by the President and/or the Executive Board.

  • Attend all monthly Board meetings, retreats, and special meetings, unless excused by the President. Begin attending Board meetings as soon as elected to the position with voting privileges to begin when term of office begins.

  • Serve as members of Association committees and/or University committees, as appointed by the Association President or Executive Board.

  • If the President is unable to make appointments as set forth in these Bylaws, the majority of the Executive Board present and voting will designate an Acting President until the President is able to resume their duties.

  • Act as Recording Secretary, as appointed by the President, if said Secretary is unable to attend a monthly Executive Board meeting.

  • Be available to all Association bargaining unit employees for consultation and be knowledgeable to direct said bargaining unit employee to the appropriate Association Officer, if further consultation is needed.

  • Vote on issues brought before the Executive Board.

  • Approve all appointments of committee members.

  • At the expiration of their term shall deliver to their successor all books, monies,and other property of the Association.5.5





Years at MSU/APSA:  

Past Involvement/Current Interest:

Other Interests/Involvement at MSU:


Name:  Jordan Luna

Department:  REHS

Position:  Facility Supervisor

Years at MSU/APSA:  6/2

Past Involvement/Current Interest:
Appa, Acuho, CEFP

Other Interests/Involvement at MSU:

New Student Orientation



Name:  Melissa Del Rio

Department:  Graduate School

Position:  Chief of Staff

Years at MSU/APSA:  26/16

Past Involvement/Current Interest:
I have been an APSA Director for the past 2 years. I was an active participant in the recent APSA contract negotiations. I would like to continue to assist the APSA organization by sharing my knowledge and experience that I have gained from Masters in Human Resources Degree as well as from being a long time supervisor on campus.

Other Interests/Involvement at MSU:

I am currently a co-coordinator for the Women of Color Community, active member of Institutional Diversity: Excellence in Action Coordinators and actively involved in the new SIS modernization project.



Name:  Sean Barton

Department:  MSU Surplus Store and Recycling Center

Position:  Operations Supervisor

Years at MSU/APSA:  8/7

Past Involvement/Current Interest:
I have served one term as a director and would love the opportunity to continue to help make decisions that will positively impact the APSA membership. When making decisions, the entire membership is considered in voicing my stance on an issue. I've had experience as a supervisor in both RHS and IPF and those experiences help shape my decisions and actions.

Other Interests/Involvement at MSU:

I am involved heavily into the sustainable way of life, and use sustainability as a lens in which to view the world. I feel that part of the land grant mission to solve tomorrows problems with today resources, and the APSA is integral to the success of this mission through our active membership, resource stewardship and forward thinking. If elected, I will continue to support this mission as a member of the APSA board of directors. Thank you for your consideration, go green!


Name:  Elizabeth Hood

Department:  MSU IT

Position:  Senior Manager of Field Services

Years at MSU/APSA:  8/5

Past Involvement/Current Interest:
Currently a Director of the APSA Board

Other Interests/Involvement at MSU:

Chairperson of the EmpowerIT 2019-2020 Conference


Name:  Matt Collins

Department:  RHS Facilities

Position:  Facilities Manager-South

Years at MSU/APSA:  2/1

Past Involvement/Current Interest:
Been to meetings and voted last year

Other Interests/Involvement at MSU:

Hello, my name is Matt Collins and I am seeking your vote for a position on the board of directors. I have a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management, an MBA as well as a Master’s in Public Administration. Awarded the Diversity Ambassador’s Award from the American Red Cross.


I have been at MSU as a Facilities Manager in South Neighborhood since May of 2018, and prior to starting here at MSU I retired from a fire department in the metro Atlanta area as a Lt. Paramedic Firefighter.


I am very detail oriented, documentation is a strength of mine, as well as the ability to think big, look at things from a different prospective and seek the best possible processes, options, and solutions.  I grew up here in the Lansing area and in a household where my father worked in a local factory that was unionized… so I get it! I believe in what we do, and the importance of solidarity to insure we can continue to provide the services and improve upon them for our members and customers.


Name:  Jesse Barajas

Department:  Culinary Services/ RHS

Position:  ADSM Lvl 10

Years at MSU/APSA:  31/25

Past Involvement/Current Interest:
Current Interest, would like to be in the loop for the next contract negotiation.

Other Interests/Involvement at MSU:

MSU Student and Employee Mentor



Name:  Heather Hazzard

Department:  IQ

Position:  Administrative Associate I/S

Years at MSU/APSA:  5/5

Past Involvement/Current Interest:
I have been on the board for two years, including being on the negotiations team for our most recent contract. We are now facing critical challenges and I would like to continue serving on the board, in my Director position for another term to continue making headway on needed changes.

Other Interests/Involvement at MSU:

I participate on the advisory committee for the Onboarding Initiative, a central team working on financial reporting led by the Controller's office, a member of SPROUT and the Michigan SRA chapter. I was also a past MSU Mentor.


Name:  Melissa Martinez

Department:  RHS

Position:  Sous Chef

Years at MSU/APSA:  7/7

Past Involvement/Current Interest: 
As a member of CoREM executive board and I've had the opportunity to meet with the President of the University as well as other upper administration and I would like to continue that work with a more active role has an APSA

Other Interests/Involvement at MSU:

Executive board member of CoREM Executive board member of ChiLE


Name:  William Balluff

Department:  IT Services

Position:  Systems Analyst II

Years at MSU/APSA:  22/15

Past Involvement/Current Interest:
Jackson Northwest Schools Bond Committee-1 year, Jackson Northwest School Board-6 years. Real Estate Investment partnerships.

Other Interests/Involvement at MSU:

Have two kids that are current MSU students. Occasional season tickets for football and occasional hockey tickets. Would like to use skills from other board position in directors position.


Name:  Clarence "Joe" Dillon Jr

Department:  Culinary Services

Position:  Assistant Dining Services Manager

Years at MSU/APSA:  4/2.5

Past Involvement/Current Interest:
No past involvement in APSA but in TN were I am from I was a member of the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce. Current interest would be new policies and collaboratively working between units and departments.

Other Interests/Involvement at MSU:



garza@msuapsa.org   |   2990 E Lake Lansing Rd., Suite 200, East Lansing, MI 48823