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The APSA Election will be held from April 22, 2022, to April 29, 2022.   

This year we will have 2 Executive Board Officer positions, President and Corresponding Secretary, along with 4 Board of Directors positions.



Please preview the position descriptions below:


Term of office: Aug. 1, 2022 – July 31, 2026 - 4 years
Remuneration: $1000/month 



  • Preside at all meetings of the Association and of the Executive Board; if unable to attend a scheduled meeting, appoint an Executive Board member to preside at the meeting.

  • Appoint all committee chairpersons and members, all said appointments subject to ratification by the Executive Board, except the Grievance Committee.

  • Be an Ex Officio member of all appointed committees, except the Nomination Committee.

  • When away from the University, appoint one of the two Vice Presidents as acting representative of the Association.

  • Organize retreats for the Executive Board.

  • Schedule "emergency" Executive Board or Committee meetings, as required by issues involving the Association.

  • Represent the Association on University committees, as appointed by the Association's Executive Board or by University offices.

  • Prepare an Association calendar of events, noting meetings, deadlines, and special events.

  • Serve and preside over any trial body per Section 5.9.

  • Provide and request notice of release time for the Officers and Directors to the University in accord with the provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

  • Responsible for assessment of performance of paid Association agents and representatives with report to the Executive Board.

  • Perform duties common to all Executive Board members as listed in Section 5.4.

  • Perform all other duties which are normal to the Office of the President.

Nominees for President

Name: Joe Garza

Department: APSA

Position at MSU: APSA President

Years Employed at MSU: 33 years

Years as an APSA Member: 33 years

Past Involvement/Current Interest: I have proudly served on the Executive Board in different positions and on various committees for the last 28 years. I wanted to highlight different time periods and duties while serving as your President. From 2015-2018: I was appointed President of APSA. This was a transitional period that included several of our officers leaving their position due to retirement or taking on other positions on campus. As your President, I felt this was an opportunity to examine our position as APSA and what type of services we could provide that would protect and promote the interest of our members. Under my leadership the Executive Board accomplished many objectives, which included:

• Negotiating a Collective Bargaining Agreement with the University in 2015-2019 that included increases in Family sick time and increase in educational assistance.
• Revised the APSA Web page that would be more user friendly for our members to meet their needs.
• Updated APSA By Laws to assist the Executive Board in guidelines for operational directives. Removed outdated procedures and practices.
• Moved to Electronic Voting for membership.
• Consolidated positions on the Executive Board and eliminated outside agents.
• Reviewed all operational functions and reduced cost, this afforded us to keep union dues at their current rate for the last three years.
• Conducted monthly new membership meetings and promoted the benefit of being a member since Right to Work for the state became effective in the Fall of 2015.
• Created new committees on the Executive Board to address member’s needs as well as conducted annual Board retreats to plan out annual goals.
• Conducted Survey to the membership.
• Enacted the “Response Directive” that all member contacts are responded within 2-4 hours. We have strived to be accessible 24/7.
• Established partnership with various University departments to share information that has an impact on our members.
• Sent out monthly APSA updates to be more transparent with membership. • Hired a new legal firm that expanded the services available to our membership.
• Represented members in grievances, arbitrations, and investigations. From 2018-Present: This was my first full term as your President and focused on increasing the level of our benefits and continue to increase our membership numbers and financial position.
• Negotiated a Collective Bargaining Agreement with the University for 2019-2023 that were highlighted by increases in salary allocation to a 50% guaranteed/50% merit from the model of 25% guaranteed and 75% merit.
• Increased Educational Assistance from $800-$900.
• Paid Parental Leave for members.
• Maximum accrual for vacation leave at all levels to 240 hours.
• Stand-by pay for levels 9, 10, and 11.
• Moved APSA office to a more economical location that reduced operating overhead by 75%.
• Increased financial position to the point of reducing dues to $10.00 a month, while maintaining all APSA services. This has been in effect from 2021-2022 calendar year.
• Increased membership by petitioning the University on behalf of two departments on campus for union recognition.
• Worked with the University on the transition of employees in the College of Law Building into MSU/APSA members.
• Represented members in grievances, arbitrations, and investigations.
• Assisted members in reclassification of positions.
• Served on various University Search Interview Committees
• Serve on President Stanley’s committees to address topis on campus most recently the Informal Resolution and Caregiver Program Committee

Other Interests/Involvement at MSU: From March 2020-Present: This was a very trying and challenging time for all of us. I wanted to outline the work/representation done on behalf of the members during the Covid/Pandemic crisis.
• Met weekly with the University to discuss impact of the pandemic on the university and staff • Negotiated a Furlough agreement that maintained Fully funded Healthcare for members while on furlough and protecting their position.
• Negotiated a LOA for furlough members to work in “bonus positions’ that would keep them working in temporary positions avoiding furloughs or layoffs.
• Met with University and made suggestions during the vaccine mandates such as an appeal process for those denied initially their medical or religious exemptions. We also made our position clear during the disciplinary and enforcement of policy.
• Worked with many members that were initially denied exemptions to get them approved.
• Served on the Return-to-Work Committee. From May 2016-Present: I serve as the Chair for the Joint Health Care Committee. This is made up of six to eight unions on campus, and the University. We work together to support and promote the health and well-being of our members and their families through cost effective, accessible, and quality driven health care. I was the Co-Chief Negotiator for our 2017-2021 MOU on health care. Highlights of the MOU were:
• Maintained our fully funded health care from January 1, 2018-December 31, 2021.
• Calculation of our Health Care Experience and increase in Base Wage Factor Matrix-which resulted in 10.25% wage increase over the length of the MOU.
• Guaranteed increase in wages by change in percentage or lump sum depending on annual health care cost.
• LOA signed for a Diabetes Management program- Livongo.
• LOA is signed for Co-pay assistance program.
• LOA is signed that various therapies for the treatment of autism will not be subject to annual visit limitations.
• LOA is signed to offer Telemedicine services to employees and their dependents enrolled in the MSU Health plan at $0.00 co-pay.
• Treatment Decision Support and Medical Records eSummary are added as part of Best Doctors Services Negotiated the current MOU Healthcare that goes from January 2021-2025. Highlights were maintaining our fully funded healthcare and guaranteed wage increases. We did make a temporary concession toward the University retirement contribution from 10% match to 5%. Originally, this was ratified for two years, then reduced to 18 months. This concession prevented wage freeze, changes to our health plan that would have resulted in premium sharing, higher copays and deductibles and reduced services. I will continue to monitor the financial position of the University to see if we can reduce the terms of the temporary concessions. I am currently working with the University on several enhancements to our health care program, which include Dental program, Physical Therapy Co-pays, Infertility coverage, among others outlined in the new MOU. Other programs will help reduce cost to our members directly and assist in keeping health care cost experience low. This will have an impact on the annual wage increases for all members. Coming from a rural community, the experiences at the University has had an impact on my life. I am a proud alum, as well as my wife, son, and daughter. I draw from my education, work, and people I have connected with over the years, to guide me in the decisions I make on behalf of the Association. I am asking for your vote and continued support. I am personally invested in the Association, and I will continue to work on the memberships behalf and represent their best interest. I have had the privilege of meeting and assisting many members and would like the opportunity to continue in this capacity. I would like to thank the Executive Board for their continued support and commitment to the Association.


Corresponding  Secretary

Term of office: Aug. 1, 2022 – July 31, 2025 - 3 years

Remuneration: $250/month 



  • Conduct all correspondence relating to the affairs of the Association and gather material as needed pertinent to such correspondence as directed by the President, the Executive Board or the Association's counsel.

  • Issue all notices of Association meetings and special Executive Board meetings in accord with these Bylaws.

  • Prepare and facilitate the publication of the Association news as directed by the Executive Board.


  • Responsible for the functioning of the Association's web page and domains.

  • Responsible for the functioning of electronic voting.

  • Perform duties common to all Executive Board members as listed in Section 5.4.

  • Perform all other duties which are normal to the Office of Corresponding Secretary.

Nominees for Corresponding Secretary

Name: Randy Brown

Department: University Advancement

Position at MSU: Director of Web Solutions

Years Employed at MSU: 25 years

Years as an APSA Member: 11 years

Past Involvement/Current Interest: I've been on the APSA board since 2012 and I served as a Board Member, Membership Secretary, and currently Corresponding Secretary. I feel we have made great strides in communicating with the membership as a board. I would like to broaden the delivery of the APSA efforts to more of the membership in the future. Since the start of the pandemic, it’s changed the dynamic of communicating and meeting with the APSA membership and the board. We rose to the challenges this presented and I plan to keep on progressing in this area to allow more mediums for you to consume our content.

Other Interests/Involvement at MSU: I'm a father of 4, a Michigan State University alum and I'm involved on other volunteer boards in the Greater Lansing Area. I look forward to serving the APSA membership.


(4) Directors

Term of office: Aug. 1, 2022 – July 31, 2024 - 2 years

Remuneration: $60/month 



  • Represent the Association as an elected member of the Executive Board.

  • Perform duties authorized by the President and/or the Executive Board.

  • Attend all monthly Board meetings, retreats, and special meetings, unless excused by the President. Begin attending Board meetings as soon as elected to the position with voting privileges to begin when term of office begins.

  • Serve as members of Association committees and/or University committees, as appointed by the Association President or Executive Board.

  • If the President is unable to make appointments as set forth in these Bylaws, the majority of the Executive Board present and voting will designate an Acting President until the President is able to resume their duties.

  • Act as Recording Secretary, as appointed by the President, if said Secretary is unable to attend a monthly Executive Board meeting.

  • Be available to all Association bargaining unit employees for consultation and be knowledgeable to direct said bargaining unit employee to the appropriate Association Officer, if further consultation is needed.

  • Vote on issues brought before the Executive Board.

  • Approve all appointments of committee members.

  • At the expiration of their term shall deliver to their successor all books, monies,and other property of the Association.5.5

Nominees for Directors

Name: Elizabeth Hood

Department: MSUIT/ANR

Position at MSU: Assistant Director

Years Employed at MSU: 11

Years as an APSA Member: 6

Past Involvement/Current Interest: Director for 3 years of APSA Helped with adding parental leave to our contact Support the ongoing $10 a month dues for APSA members

Other Interests/Involvement at MSU: Chairperson of the 2019 EmpowerIT Conference 3 years of experience within the APSA


Name: James Terrill

Department: Department of Police and Public Safety

Position at MSU: Sergeant

Years Employed at MSU: 9 years

Years as an APSA Member: 2 years

Past Involvement/Current Interest: Over approximately the past 4-5 months I have been in frequent communication with APSA Leadership and Attorneys about issues that supervisors at the Department of Police and Public Safety are facing. During this time, I have begun to see how APSA functions and operates. To date, my experience with our APSA President, other APSA Leadership, and the Attorneys at White Schneider has been stellar. I can coidentity say that the aforementioned people have the best interest at heart for the membership. In light of this I am currently interested in running for a Board of Director position. In general, I would like to care for and help out all APSA members while being a voice for supervisors at the Department of Police and Public Safety. I believe that my decade plus of law enforcement will provide value to the Board of Directors and ultimately the members of APSA.

Other Interests/Involvement at MSU: I became a third-generation Spartan alumni in May 2020 after earning a Masters of Science Degree from the MSU School of Criminal Justice. In addition to working for the Department of Police and Public Safety, I am instructing a graduate level Criminal Justice course this semester.


Name: Melissa Del Rio

Department: Graduate School

Position at MSU: Chief of Staff

Years Employed at MSU: 28 years

Years as an APSA Member: 18 years

Past Involvement/Current Interest: I have been an APSA Director for the past 4 years. I was an active participant in the recent APSA contract negotiations. I would like to continue to assist the APSA organization by sharing my knowledge and experience that I have gained from Masters in Human Resources Degree as well as from being a long-time supervisor on campus.

Other Interests/Involvement at MSU: I am currently a co-coordinator for the Women of Color Community, co-lead of Institutional Diversity: Excellence in Action Coordinators committee, functional lead for both Grad portion of SIS Modernization Project and Grad portion of Slate Admission CRM project. Lastly, in 2021-22 I was selected as a fellow in the Big Ten Academic Alliance Academic Leadership Program.


Name: Heather Hazzard

Department: IQ/BME

Position at MSU: Administrative Associate I

Years Employed at MSU: 6 years

Years as an APSA Member: 6 years

Past Involvement/Current Interest: I have been on the board for four years, including being on the negotiations team for our most recent contract. We are continuing to face major challenges on campus and I would like to kindly ask for your support and to be voted to continue serving on this board in the Director role. Since I've been a board member, we have reduced dues, maintained a viable fund balance, negotiated a new contract and consistently provided excellent representation and communication to our board members. It would be my honor to be able to continue the momentum to best serve our constituents.

Other Interests/Involvement at MSU: I am the vice chair of the CHM Staff Advisory committee and the President-elect of the Michigan chapter of the Society for Research Administration.


Name: Sean Barton

Department: MSU Surplus Store and Recycling Center

Position at MSU: Operations Supervisor

Years Employed at MSU: 10 years

Years as an APSA Member: 10 years

Past Involvement/Current Interest: I have had the pleasure of serving as a director on the board for two terms. I will continue to provide direction on the board on decisions that affect our members, while reflecting on my previous time as a front line supervisor in RHS and currently at IPF. Sustainable processes are very important to me, and I use a systems view when giving input on a topic in an attempt connect how decisions may affect other areas as we are all connected.

Other Interests/Involvement at MSU: Sustainability is the framework for my life, and I use it as the lens in which to view the world. I try to live my personal life though minimizing negative impact and being the change that I want to see in the world. I will use this background in making decisions on the board.


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