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Extended partnership with Best Doctors

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Introducing two new ways to be confident in your healthcare.

Michigan State University is proud to announce that we have extended our partnership with the expert medical opinion company, Best Doctors, to include two new services that put you at the center of your healthcare and provide additional peace of mind.

In addition to being able to have a carefully selected world-renowned expert physician review your diagnosis and treatment plan, you can now take advantage of the Treatment Decision Support and Medical Record eSummary services. As are all Best Doctors services, both are provided at absolutely no additional cost to you.

Treatment Decision Support

With the Best Doctors Treatment Decision Support (TDS) service, you now have access to one-on-one coaching and interactive, online educational modules featuring in-depth, easy-to-follow information about your specific condition.

The TDS program is designed to equip you with the tools you need to make a confident medical decision. Once you have completed the program, you will be more educated on your condition and all of the treatment options available to you.

How it works:

1. Contact Best Doctors and speak with a Member Advocate who will help you understand all of your treatment options.

2. Your Member Advocate prescribes a series of relevant topics from the Best Doctors collection of easy-to-follow, online, interactive decision aids and helps you to fully understand the information within them.

3. Once you complete the online portion of TDS and feel confident in the information provided, the decision to continue with surgery or any other treatment plan remains entirely up to you.

Medical Records eSummary

With your permission, Best Doctors will now collect and organize your medical records for you and provide them on an easy-to-access USB drive. You will also receive a personal Health Alert Summary based on the records collected, giving you a total snapshot of your medical wellness.

How the process works:

1. Contact Best Doctors and a Member Advocate will schedule time with you on the phone to collect information about your current health status, medical history and medical records information.

2. Once you have signed the medical release form, Best Doctors will collect all of your medical records from the past five years.

3. The Best Doctors clinical team will review your records and offer guidance on health issues. You’ll get

a personalized Health Alert Summary that points out any health issues our physicians may have noticed, as well as a checklist of steps to keep you healthy.

4. You’ll receive copies of your medical files and your Health Alert Summary on a secure, encrypted flash drive or email.

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