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Open Enrollment starts October 1, 2018

Open Enrollment for Health Care Benefits will be October 1-31, 2018. There will be an Open Enrollment Fair at the Breslin Center on October 16-17, 2018.

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Open Enrollment dates

October 1 – 31st

Benefits Fair information

Held at the Breslin Center

TUESDAY October 16, Noon – 7 p.m.

WEDNESDAY October 17, 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Prescription Co-pays:

Co-pays for preferred brand name, non-preferred brand name, and specialty medications are increasing however; co-pays for generic medicines remain the same. Preferred brand-name medicines increased to $30/$60 for a 34/90-day supply. Non-preferred brand-name medicines increased to $60/$120 for a 34/90-day supply. Specialty medicines increased to $75 for a 34-day supply.

Reminder that the EBS Portal received required updates that resulted in a refreshed look and additional personalization/accessibility options; the sign-off button has moved from the top right to the top left of the page.

The recent upgrade in SAP allows employees to “Save” their information when completing Open Enrollment instead of having to select “Next” through all of the benefit screens. The value of this change is it allows employees to quickly view all of their benefit selections even if they are only completing the spousal affidavit.

Increase to Premium Threshold for Spousal Coverage:

If an employee’s spouse or other eligible individual (OEI) has access to health care coverage through their own employer, they must purchase the coverage their own employer offers if the annual premium cost for single-person coverage is $1,300 or less. The MSU health plan may pay eligible claims for your spouse/OEI as the secondary plan.

Aetna Dental Copay

The copay is increased to $20.00 from $10.00 for members enrolled from the AP, 274 and CCLP (FOP supervisors).

Teladoc for Online Medical Care

Online healthcare service for MSU employees. Employees can speak to a licensed doctor by web, phone or mobile app in minutes. Teladoc is an online medical care service offering 24/7 access to healthcare professionals. There is no copay associated with accessing service at this time for employees who are not enrolled in the CDHP/HSA; per IRS guidelines, the full charge for service is payable until the annual deductible is met.

Livongo for Diabetes Management

The Livongo program helps manage diabetes; employees/dependents receive the Livongo connected meter, unlimited strips/lancets, and optional coaching from a health care professional, FREE to employees and/or their dependents.

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